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Contract services

  1. Our surveyors are trained and experienced in all things seating. They can help advise on the best layout and the best product fit for your application.
  2. Following a survey we will be able to provide you with a more accurate quotation. Often our Surveyors will bring sample chairs with them in advance of a Sales visit and they can also take away samples of old seating for refurbishment evaluation and pricing.
  1. Usually we will be working with your existing .dwg drawing files from your Architect but we can start from scratch if you don’t have them but that involves an extensive Survey and may have some costs involved (all of our fees for this work are refunded against an order)
  2. Our CAD operators are a rare breed and they have been in the industry for decades, they will also offer extra input on the best layout solutions and are good at spotting potential hazards and regulation breaches
  3. Following completion of our CAD drawings we are able to give you precise quantities and accurate quotations.
  1. Our Lead Installers are able to set out precisely from the CAD drawings. They will ensure everything lines through perfectly and maintain all of the required legal distances for Aisles and Clear Seatways.
  1. Some of our products are imported, some are made in-house. Some projects are for refurbishment and some of those entail being removed from one old Cinema to another as part of the process. This involves a huge amount of planning, transport, storage, re-transporting and on some projects relates to all scenarios at once.
  2. We have a large warehouse facility just outside of East London, with a dedicated Project Administration team and warehouse staff to ensure everything is shipped in, out and correctly to meet your deadlines.
  1. When working with certain other trades – flooring contractors, carpenters, joiners, decorators, we are often asked to manage the schedules for everyone as they all need to fit in around the dates of the product availability, shipping and client deadlines. We take control of this and also act as Principal Contractor on some projects.
  1. Every step of the way there is a dedicated team member looking after your project.
  1. In addition to using several reputable Hauliers, we also have our Vans.
  2. We can quote to deliver anywhere in the World.
  3. Some products have custom made boxes and packaging to ensure the expensive upholstery reaches you in perfect condition.
  1. In addition to our own in-house Installers, we also regularly employ the services of several well known professional Installation companies. We only use the best people available and will advise clients to move dates if these teams are not available in time. It is a false economy to use sub-standard installers and futile to try and Install the chairs yourself or with the help of inexperienced tradesmen.
  2. We also offer an Installation-only service in case you need to buy product only from somewhere else.
  3. We offer our services direct to other seating manufacturers too – there are not many companies in the World that have not used our services at one time or another.
  1. Most old Cinemas, when going for new seating, will want something nicer and this usually means a little bigger. Sometimes the steps need to be made bigger and this is a process we call over-stepping. We can pick this up on the survey and design it for you on the CAD drawings. We will then incorporate this into the work schedules and carry out the work in-house.
  2. Over-stepping is also essential when opting for Electric recliner chairs, even the smallest wall hugging versions will need far bigger steps than you will have currently. Larger projects will need the services of an Architect as the works often encroach on Fire exits and affect sight lines. We work with several of the leading Auditoria specialist Architects
  1. Ask about our Maintenance Contracts
  2. Service visits will reduce the amount of Maintenance work needed; we also offer combined Service & Maintenance contracts.
  3. Regular maintenance work will not only prolong the life of your seating but will also ensure a happy customer!
  4. It can help eliminate the risk of possible legal action from chairs collapsing and will keep the Fire Officer and Health and Safety people happy too!
  5. We already have nationwide contracts with cinema and theatre groups so we are always ‘in your area’ within a few weeks. We charge a simple day or night rate per professional fitter and we can supply new parts if required.
  6. A 24 hour service, 7 days per week – from a single broken floor anchor to a complete multiplex of seating – euro group uk are just a phone call away… +44 (0)1702 614444
  1. We offer very good standard Warranties with options to extend and/or include Labour
  2. All of the parts for warranty work or even spare parts for service and maintenance are held at our extensive warehouse.
  3. Fast response by the OEM with OEM parts and a professional, fully insured fitting team.