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Royal Albert Hall

This project was a contract with Audience Systems Ltd to install seating in the Dress Circle of the Royal Albert Hall.

We have included this project on our website because of the special nature of what we did. Unfortunately this was another project that was completed before we had an abundance of mobile phone and digital cameras.

The client wanted a chair that swivelled to enable easy access, but then wanted the chairs to self-return when the customers left the show. Audience Systems came up with a clever spring loaded mechanism that achieved this but it meant routing out holes in the floor of the Royal Albert Hall using special jigs. This was 90% of the work for us. Following this we fitted a circular metal plate – this had a hole in the centre for the chairs central post to slot into, the client could remove the chairs and a metal plug filled the holes, removable with a magnet. The actual chairs arrived in stillages and were installed in about 2 hours – it took 2 weeks to rout the holes!

You often see these chairs when watching the venue on TV for last night of the proms – Sir Henry Wood the conductor is related to the directors here at Euro Group UK.

Euro Group UK still welcome enquiries from other seating manufacturers for their UK installations. We provide the same level of professionalism for other manufacturers as we do for our own seating products.