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Central Theatre Chatham

The Central Theatre in Chatham was a project with some unique requirements. Euro Group were involved in the installation of the original chairs then carried out the renovation and re-installation of the same chairs many years later.

Euro Group UK originally installed the chairs, which had been selected from Ferco by the local council – it was a special situation as it was the only offering that would fit under the stage standing up. This was a requirement of the Theatre due to the fact they needed to be able to take out some of the front rows for certain functions. We supplied these chairs on a removable system and the staff simply placed them under the stage.

When it came to replacing the seating after a number of years, the seating in the gallery could not be adequately replaced with new seating because the steps were very narrow and steep and the existing chairs had been made to suit.

So, as often happens with Euro Group UK, we did a joint contract with our new seating team and our renovation team. We used the same high quality fabric in our Essex factory for the renovation as that shipped to Malaysia to produce the new seating.

The final result was an installation that looked consistent throughout and fitted perfectly.

Below you will see many on site photos showing work in progress and the use of chemical resin anchors in places where the screed had blown, as well as the end result.